A Better Healthcare Experience

Mint Health Clinics Lone Tree is a family-owned, membership-based primary care clinic providing unlimited access to personalized, comprehensive primary care for individuals, families, and businesses.

We’ve removed insurance from primary care. At our clinic, you will never be subjected to the unnecessary costs, restrictions, and constraints of insurance. There are never any copays, deductibles, or office visit fees.

You are free to explore multiple modalities of healing and treatment with your physician, Dr. Amy Merritt. And you can talk with Dr. Merritt as often as you need for no additional charge. It’s all included with membership.

You will save money…often a lot…with membership-based primary care, all while receiving the highest quality healthcare experiences.

This is healthcare the way it should be.

What Makes Mint Health Clinics Lone Tree Different?

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More Care For Less Money

For one low monthly membership fee, you get nearly every service we provide at no additional charge. All of your office visits are included. All of your procedures are included. All of your virtual care is included. After hours communication with your physician is included.

And all of these services are unlimited, with no copays or deductibles.

Doctor listening to a patients concerns

A Physician Who Listens

You want to be able discuss your health history, concerns, and goals with your physician. That takes more than the 10 minutes you get with a physician in traditional health care. We have the time – and we take the time – to truly listen to you.

Our appointments last 30-60 minutes. No rush.

doctor going over health plan with a patient

Personalized Care

Your health is unique. Your healthcare should be too. Since we have no ties to insurance networks, your healthcare options are determined 100% by you and your physician, not an insurance company.

This enables you and your physician to create a health plan that is personalized just for you.

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A Physician Who Is Available and Accessible

You should be able to see your physician when you want to and when you need to. You shouldn’t have to wait weeks for an appointment and then see a physician other than your own. We are available to see you when you need to be seen.

And you will always see your own physician who knows you and your health needs and goals.

Healthcare Doesn’t Have To Hurt

Our membership-based clinic changes how patients receive care and how physicians deliver care. We are returning primary care to the original purpose of medical practice – where physicians work directly for their patients, not for insurance companies or hospitals.

At our clinic, you are in control of your own healthcare decisions. This enables you to receive truly personalized care that is specific to your healthcare needs and goals.

You will spend all of your time seeing your physician. You won’t spend your time waiting in a crowded waiting room only to then spend 10 minutes actually talking to your physician.

The focus is all on YOU.

Benefits of Membership

Membership-based primary care enables us to provide services and create experiences you cannot find in traditional healthcare.

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Membership Rates

We make investing in your health easy and affordable.



Ages 27+

Child / Young Adult


Ages 0-26



Ages 27+



2 adults and 2 children under 27

  • Worry free…no contracts or lock-in periods

  • One-time enrollment fee of $99 per individual or household

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