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Healthcare is Broken in the U.S.

Insurance is preventing us from building strong relationships with our doctors, and with co-pays, insurance hassles, and confusing billing, healthcare has become aggravating and overly expensive.

Mint Lone Tree understands what you want from healthcare and more importantly, what you don’t. We provide individuals, families, employers, and groups a solution for their primary care and wellness needs for a low monthly fee.

Direct Primary Care

Direct primary care is a model of care that allows doctors to focus on personal relationships with their members and removes the restraints of insurance – the way healthcare was meant to be.

Mint Lone Tree is part of the movement that’s rejuvenating the foundation of the doctor-patient relationship through affordable, transparent, personalized care.

Membership can cover 70-90% of your medical care through:

  • Unlimited office visits
  • No copays, no deductibles, no coinsurance…no insurance
  • Transparent pricing…no hidden fees, no surprises
  • Same-day or next-day appointments for acute issues
  • Integrative approach to your healthcare
Why Us

Membership Plans For Everyone

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