Healthcare The Way It Should Be

Direct Primary Care (DPC) changes how patients receive care and how physicians deliver care. Mint Lone Tree implements the membership-based model of DPC to help eliminate waste in the medical system by taking insurance and third party payers out of routine healthcare.

Insurance is meant to help in times of unexpected high-cost care. It was never meant for routine healthcare.

Imagine if we had to use our car insurance every time we got gas, had the oil changed, or had the tires replaced. Costs would skyrocket, gas stations and repair shops would need to hire an army of staff to process the billing, we would have no idea what the actual prices are, your insurer would restrict you to certain gas stations and repair shops, and you would face huge waits just for routine issues.

This just wouldn’t make sense, but that’s effectively how our current healthcare system works.

Mint Lone Tree has returned primary care to the original model of medical practice, where physicians work directly for their patients and not for insurance companies or hospitals. Our membership-based model provides you with affordable, transparent, personalized care.

Mint Lone Tree is to healthcare what Netflix™ is to streaming services. With Netflix™, you pay a low monthly fee, and in return you receive a higher level of access and convenience. You have more options, you receive the full scope of services for the same low cost, you don’t have to leave your house or worry about open hours or waiting in lines. TV? Movies? Documentaries? No commercials? No problem – it’s all included, and it’s all instantly accessible to you.

This high level of access, convenience, and personalization is what you’ll get at Mint Lone Tree.

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“Direct Primary Care (DPC) is quickly becoming an important contributor to the transformation of our nation’s healthcare system.”

Dr. Erika Bliss, Pioneer of the Direct Primary Care movement

Benefits of Membership

Membership at Mint Lone Tree can cover 75-90% of your healthcare through:

  • Unlimited office visits and telemedicine

  • Call, text, or video chat directly with your physician

  • No copays, no deductibles…no insurance

  • Transparent pricing…no hidden fees, no surprises

  • Same-day or next-day appointments

  • Integrative approach to your healthcare

  • Online appointment scheduling

  • No long waits in crowded waiting rooms

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What Our Members Are Saying

Thank you to our members who have taken the time to write such kind reviews. We are grateful to have you as members!

“Just had our first appointments yesterday. The clinic is so beautifully designed and clean, and Dr. Sheeder is incredibly easy to talk to, patient, and kind. I felt like she would have sat there with us for hours if we needed her to.”

Lisa, Parker, CO

“I had my first telemedicine appointment via video call with Dr. Sheeder on Monday. Frankly, I was shocked that I was able to get an appointment not only on the same day but within a matter of 3 hours. I found Dr. Sheeder to be very knowledgeable, professional, attentive, and friendly. She listened – actually listened – to my concerns, asked great questions, and we decided jointly on a treatment plan.

WOW is all I can say! Dr. Sheeder is accessible, and her staff is also warm, interested, and professional. This was a wonderful experience. All my needs were met. Superior care! Mint and Dr. Sheeder are just “what the doctor ordered.” I highly, highly recommend.”

Victoria, Parker, CO