Simple And Affordable Health Benefits For Businesses

Providing health benefits for yourself and your family, or your employees and their families, does not have to be expensive or complicated.

With membership-based primary care for your sole proprietorship or other business, you get unlimited, comprehensive care without the unnecessary costs, restrictions, and constraints associated with traditional health insurance.

Sole Proprietorships And Small Businesses

Today’s healthcare landscape can be difficult for sole proprietors and other small business owners to navigate. Simple economics combined with complex and often confusing healthcare options can make attracting, affording, and retaining a talented workforce challenging.

Mint Health Clinics Lone Tree offers a simple, affordable way to provide high quality healthcare to you and your employees.

You pay a low monthly fee to our practice for yourself and/or each employee. This eliminates middlemen who make your benefits more expensive.

You and your family, or your employees and their families, get unlimited access to their physician without worrying about copays, deductibles, or visit fees.

In addition, we can help you add catastrophic coverage to your membership to create a complete health benefit package.

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Medium And Large Businesses

Our clinic is part of a network of clinics in the Greater Denver Metro and Front Range Areas (and throughout the U.S.) who can provide ACA-compliant healthcare benefits for employers of any size with employees in different locations.

Your employees will love the improved access and personalized care. Business owners love the affordability.

Your business can realize significant savings by pairing our membership-based plan with a high deductible insurance plan to create comprehensive coverage.

If you have a medium or large business and already have a medical insurance broker, we can have an HR specialist talk with your broker to help them understand how they can offer Bronze, Silver, or Gold level insurance options with our membership-based primary care.

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