Healthier Employees = Healthier Business

High quality healthcare is the #1 most desired employee benefit, and is critical to employee retention and business growth.

Unfortunately, providing healthcare for your employees has traditionally been expensive, complicated, and out of reach for small businesses.

Our Direct Primary Care program finally puts the highest quality healthcare within financial reach for small businesses, independent contractors, and gig workers.

Small Businesses, Independent Contractors, And Gig Workers

Simple economics combined with complex and often confusing healthcare options can make attracting, affording, and retaining a talented workforce challenging.

We offer a simple, affordable way to provide the highest quality healthcare for you or your employees.

By eliminating middlemen who traditionally make benefits more expensive, our members get unlimited access without worrying about copays, deductibles, or visit fees.

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Medium And Large Businesses

Our clinic is part of a network of clinics in the Greater Denver Metro and Front Range Areas (and throughout the U.S.) who can provide ACA-compliant healthcare benefits for employers of any size with employees in different locations.

Your business can realize significant savings by pairing our Direct Primary Care program with a high deductible insurance plan to create comprehensive coverage.

If you have a medium or large business and already have a medical insurance broker, we can have an HR specialist talk with your broker to help them understand how they can offer Bronze, Silver, or Gold level insurance options with our membership-based primary care.

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