One of our wellness partners, Michelle Fury with Embodied Youth Yoga, has shared her excellent blog entry titled “Finding Our Way in the Time of COVID-19“, which you can read below.

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Finding Our Way in the Time of COVID-19
By Michelle Fury, LPC, C-IAYT

Preparing for COVID-19 is like preparing for a hurricane. That’s what I said in late March when I was still working in an office with clients. The empty streets, bare grocery store shelves and crowded gas lines all reminded me of being a child in Florida, where we prepared for disaster every year. Then when I started working from home a month ago I compared our State of Colorado’s mandate to stay at home to the endurance needed for a meditation retreat. Being sequestered is tough, but good for me.

Now in late April 2020, the COVID-19 crisis reminds me of walking a labyrinth: it’s disorienting, it’s hard to tell which direction we’ll go next, and it’s taking longer than we thought it would. A lot longer.

No matter what you’re experiencing as a result of COVID-19 and the subsequent quarantine, you probably feel some degree of uncertainty and unpredictability. This lack of predictability can be a precondition for trauma, according to Bessel van der Kolk, a Dutch psychiatrist who has pioneered trauma research and interventions. As a graduate student, I was privileged to hear Dr. van der Kolk speak at a conference where he talked about the healing power of yoga for trauma. His talk inspired me to follow my own dream of integrating yoga and mindfulness into a psychotherapy practice for kids and families.

Just the other day he gave an online talk to therapists and healthcare workers about COVID-19. He listed several Preconditions for Trauma that this time of uncertainty can exacerbate. If we heed the warning signs, we can avert trauma in our own lives. So I started thinking about how his list applies to my clients, as well as me. The following suggestions are my own, based on my experience as a therapist working with kids and families. I am in no way associated with Dr. van der Kolk’s work (other than my admiration of it). With that in mind, here are my recommendations to Dr. van der Kolk’s list of preconditions:

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