Most of us love the idea of going out to a restaurant for a great meal and a great time. We get so excited about getting a table at a great restaurant that we’ll make reservations weeks in advance! Even though our restaurant experience will unfortunately be altered dramatically for the foreseeable future, most of us can relate to the feeling of going out to a great restaurant.

Keeping this feeling in mind, take 4 minutes and 6 seconds to watch the video below (produced by Intermountain Healthcare).

Now imagine if the restaurant experience was as frustrating and nonsensical as this. Most of us would dread the idea of even going out to a restaurant in the first place. And if we then had to go to a restaurant every few months or so, we’d dread the idea even more.

Unfortunately, this is what our healthcare experience is like in the U.S. Annoying wait times, confusing billing, impersonal service (how many times was the guest asked if she was allergic to peanuts?!), and so on. We don’t want to see our doctors because we know the experience is most likely going to be unpleasant for multiple reasons.

Our clinic’s mission is to¬†create exceptional member experiences for individuals, families, and businesses. By removing insurance from the equation, we are able to make the patient experience the priority, provide personalized attention, and let you take control of your own healthcare.