What About Major Medical Coverage?

Mint Lone Tree can cover most of your overall healthcare needs. In fact, your membership will cover about 90% of your overall medical care.

With this in mind, Mint Lone Tree is not an insurance plan or a provider of insurance, and we recommend that all members have and maintain coverage for large curative treatments such as hospitalizations, surgeries, ER visits, cancer, etc.

These events and conditions are extremely expensive and there’s no way around it. Members who need regular sub-specialty care (for example, if you have multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis) need reasonable insurance coverage for the specialists they see along with any specialty drugs they may need.

Medical Cost Sharing Plans

Instead of traditional insurance, one popular option many members of Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinics are using are medical cost sharing plans. These plans work particularly well when paired with the DPC model we use at Mint Lone Tree.

Similar to a DPC membership, medical cost sharing is not insurance. Rather, members of medical cost charing plans pay a monthly contribution (similar to a “premium” in traditional insurance). When a major medical need arises, the pooled resources of the plan cover that need for that member.

Medical cost sharing can work for individuals and families, as well as businesses.

Two of the major providers of these types of plans are:

We highly encourage you to research the medical cost sharing model that these two providers offer. This model is a proven, simpler, and more affordable alternative to traditional insurance for major medical needs.

High Deductible Plans

Another option is a high deductible, traditional health insurance plan.

You may want to consult with a certified health insurance broker to discuss your needs and get options for this type of plan.

Catastrophic Plans

If you are under 30 years old or qualify for one of 14 hardship exemptions, you may qualify for a catastrophic plan. This type of plan will cover your major medical coverage needs for a low monthly premium.

You can research and apply for a catastrophic plan at Connect for Health Colorado.