What an awesome presentation on nutrition and meal planning from Jessica Crandall with Vital RD and Nate Westerfield with My Fit Foods. Thank you both so much for presenting!

Below are some resources mentioned in the presentation.

  • Vital RD Packages. Jessica and Vital RD offer a variety of packages to help get you starting living well. To book one of the packages, go to Vital RD and then click “BOOK NOW” from the top menu.
  • Vital RD Nutrition Genetics Testing. This is an exciting offering Jessica discussed during her presentation. Nutrition Genetics uses DNA testing to deliver programs that are tailored for optimal nutrition and fitness from your exact genetic makeup. To learn more and book this test, go to¬†Vital RD, click “BOOK NOW” from the top menu, then under Nutrition Gene Testing, click “Learn More”.
  • Vital RD 100 miles challenge. What a great challenge to get you going and ready for winter activities. Check out the 100 miles challenge group on Facebook to get started!
  • Vital RD 5 Healthy Habits For The Holidays. Read 5 Healthy Habits For The Holidays to learn about meal planning options and realistic tools that you can implement to have a healthy holiday season.
  • My Fit Foods Fit Club. Fit Club is an exclusive $10/month membership that saves you 20% on all of your MyFitFoods purchases. Check out Fit Club!

And here is the recording of the presentation. Again, thank you Jessica and Nate for the great information!