Healthcare is Not Working for Most People

For the most common, less expensive things in healthcare, health insurance hinders more than it helps. Insurance prevents us from building strong relationships with our primary care physicians. And with copays, deductibles, and confusing billing, healthcare has become aggravating and overly expensive.

So, what would happen if we remove health insurance from the primary care experience? Welcome to Mint Lone Tree and Direct Primary Care (DPC).

DPC is a membership-based model that removes the constraints of insurance and third party payers from routine healthcare, allowing physicians to create close, personal relationships with their patients.

At Mint Lone Tree, you pay one low monthly fee that gives you, your family, your business, or your group the access, value, and time you don’t get when insurance is involved.

“Direct Primary Care (DPC) is quickly becoming an important contributor to the transformation of our nation’s healthcare system.”

Dr. Erika Bliss, Pioneer of the Direct Primary Care movement

DPC Benefits

Mint Lone Tree is part of the movement that’s rejuvenating the foundation of the doctor/patient relationship through affordable, transparent, personalized care.

Membership can cover 75-90% of your medical care through:

  • Unlimited office visits and telemedicine

  • Call, text, email, or video chat directly with your physician

  • No copays, no deductibles…no insurance

  • Transparent pricing…no hidden fees, no surprises

  • Same-day or next-day appointments for acute issues

  • Integrative approach to your healthcare

  • Your appointments start on time…no long waits in crowded waiting rooms

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