Pay As You Go

You will receive the best care when you have an ongoing relationship with your physician, which is why we encourage you to consider joining Mint Lone Tree as a member. Almost all of our patients are members.

However, we understand that membership is not for everyone. If membership is not for you, we also offer Pay As You Go pricing.

With the Pay As You Go option, you pay only for the specific service(s) you receive when you interact with our clinic. And though you will miss out on the many benefits of being a member – such as the unparalleled access, same or next day appointments, and more – you will still receive the same comprehensive care and attention that our members receive.

We do not bill insurance for any of the services provided in our clinic. However, you can use your insurance for lab testing, vaccines, and other services you receive outside of our clinic.

Please see our Member Services and Price List for an itemized list of Pay As You Go prices.

Member Services and Price List