Healthcare + Wellness For Your Business or Group

As the decision maker for your business, nonprofit, or other organization, you want to be able to offer healthcare benefits and wellness services so you can attract and retain the best people. Finding and procuring the right benefits can often be a convoluted and unnecessarily complicated process. It can also often be financially impractical, impossible, or simply unreasonable.

Mint Lone Tree provides discounted membership rates to businesses and groups.  We can simplify the process of procuring healthcare benefits and wellness services, save you money in the process, and help you provide superior access and quality of healthcare and wellness for your employees and group members.

You will have ultimate flexibility in how you pay for memberships. You can choose to pay 1%, 100%, or any other percent in between of the monthly membership fees, and your employees or group members can pay the difference. It’s up to you.

And you don’t need multiple employees or group members to qualify for the discounted rates. Are you a sole proprietor, or do you run a nonprofit with only two people? You qualify!

Implementing Mint Lone Tree in Your Business or Group

Membership in Mint Lone Tree can be added at any time, and there’s no need to wait for open enrollment.

There are a few ways employers and groups typically implement direct primary care. You can apply any of these with your Mint Lone Tree membership.

As a Standalone Health Benefit

This is a great option for employers or groups who are unable to afford traditional health insurance, but who still want to provide coverage for primary care and wellness needs.

Paired With a Health Cost Sharing Plan

This is a great option for employers or groups who are unable to afford traditional health insurance, but who still want to provide coverage for primary care and wellness needs and for large curative treatments such as hospitalizations, surgeries, ER visits, etc. Many businesses and groups have seen over 50% savings when implementing direct primary care and health cost sharing.

Sedera is a popular health sharing organization with a plan specifically for small businesses. You can find more about our partnership with Sedera here: Sedera Medical Cost Sharing

In Combination With a Typical Insurance Plan

You can choose to implement this at any time without changing your current benefits.

The immediate access to better primary care and wellness will lower your overall health insurance utilization, which will ultimately result in a lower premium when your insurance is up for renewal.

Offering direct primary care has also been proven to provide additional savings in reduced employee absenteeism and increased productivity.

Pricing: Employers and Groups

This plan is for business owners, group leaders, or other decision makers who want to provide benefits for their employees or group members.

Even though this plan contains the same pricing categories as found in the Individuals and Families plan, actual prices will be discounted for employers and groups.

Pricing Categories

  • Adult 27 and older

  • Additional adult 27 and older in the same family

  • Child or young adult ages 0 – 26

  • Family (with up to 2 adults and 2 children)

Pricing Details

  • Get a 5% discount when paying quarterly

  • Get a 10% discount when paying annually…the equivalent of over 1 month free

  • There is a one-time enrollment fee of $95 per individual, with a max of $145 per household
    During this time of uncertainty, we are waiving all enrollment fees when you enroll before our clinic officially opens.

  • Each child must enroll with at least one parent or guardian member

  • Each additional child in a family is $15/month

When you enroll before our grand opening (currently scheduled for May 22), you will simply be saving your spot as a member of our clinic. You will not be charged for the membership fee until we open.

We will tailor a plan for you based on your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss the best plan for you and your business.

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Healthcare Cost Trends for Employers

The average annual cost to provide healthcare coverage has risen over 60% per employee since 2007.

According to the National Federation of Independent Business, less than 35% of small businesses are currently able to offer health insurance benefits to their employees, let alone provide additional wellness options.

The average annual cost to provide family coverage to employees has risen 69% since 2004.

Membership with Mint Lone Tree offers a much more affordable option that enables you to provide your employees with healthcare and wellness services.

Annual Cost for Healthcare Per Employee (National Averages in U.S. Dollars)

Healthier Employees = Healthier Business

Employees with access to preventative care are more motivated, absent from work less, and recover from sickness quicker. A healthy workforce is more productive and more engaged with their work.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, businesses spend over $1.8 trillion due to poor health. For every $1 spent on healthcare in the U.S., $0.95 is spent on treatment and only $0.05 is spent on prevention.

Your employee healthcare is important. Employees with access to preventative care and wellness have 70% less sick days than employees with no access to a family physician.

An investment with Mint Lone Tree is an investment in keeping your best employees happy, healthy, and productive.