We all get a bad night’s sleep every now and then. But when a bad night’s sleep turns into a sleepless pattern that affects your daily life, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor.

Many who struggle with insomnia have had even more difficulty with all the changes and stressors related to COVID-19.

During the month of September, Mint Health Clinics Lone Tree is offering a sleep evaluation that can help determine the cause(s) of your insomnia. The evaluation includes recommendations for treatment. Cost is:

  • Mint Health Clinics Lone Tree Members: $0
  • Non-Members: $75

We are also offering a medication-free REM sleep patch that helps restore your REM sleep. The patch comes in a pack of 30 for the discounted price of $50. It also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Contact Us any time in the month of September to obtain this special rate and start sleeping better soon!!

Let’s hear from our own Dr. Merritt about the signs and symptoms of insomnia, and when you should see your doctor about your lack of sleep.

types of insomnia
symptoms of insomnia

Join us for an Insomnia Q&A

Join us at 9am on Friday, September 4 on Instagram (@mintlonetree) to ask us your questions about insomnia. Watch the video below for details about joining!

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