Why Mint Health Clinics Lone Tree

A membership at Mint Health Clinics Lone Tree provides you, your family, or your employees with concierge-level service and care in one low-cost membership plan.

Who Benefits From Membership?

Membership makes sense for almost everyone.

  • You are an individual or family without health insurance or other coverage

  • You are an individual or family concerned about the cost of your healthcare

  • You are a part-time employee, 1099 worker, or self-employed

  • You are an employee who receives medical benefits through your employer and have a deductible with additional copays and co-insurance

  • You are an employer who wants to save money on your existing healthcare benefit plan

  • You are an employer who wants to offer healthcare to your full-time employees, your part-time employees, and/or your 1099 workers

How Do I Know If Membership Is For Me?

Membership makes sense if you value any of the following things.

  • You want unrushed visits with a physician who has the time to listen…and who truly listens

  • You want to have access to your physician when you want to and when you need to

  • You want to save money on healthcare while receiving superior overall care

  • You want to have a personal relationship with your physician, not just be a number at a clinic

  • You want help navigating the complex healthcare system

  • You are tired of dealing with the current health insurance system because it’s “just the way it is”

We Remove The Barriers To Better Care

Membership-based healthcare helps remove many barriers associated with the traditional fee-for-service model that is governed by insurance.

Better Access With Lower Costs

Your physician is available when you want and need, not in two or three weeks. Do you need care today? Enroll as a member today and talk to your physician later today.

Membership can save you 25-50% versus traditional health insurance.

And since there are never any surprise charges or hidden fees with a membership, you will always know exactly what you’re paying for everything.

Fewer Unwanted And Unnecessary Services

The improved access and increased time you receive with membership-based care has been proven to result in:

  • Fewer visits to the emergency room

  • Fewer visits to urgent care

  • Fewer hospital admissions

  • Fewer specialist referrals

  • Less overall spending on total healthcare costs

Fewer Patients

In a typical family medicine practice, a physician sees 2,700 – 3,500 patients overall, and between 20 – 40 patients per day. This means long waits in crowded waiting rooms, rushed visits, and less time with your physician.

At Mint Health Clinics Lone Tree, your physician sees around 600 – 700 patients overall, and maybe 6 – 8 patients per day. We intentionally keep our patient panel low. This means extended visits and more time with your physician.

Better Well-Being

Our Lead Physician, Dr. Amy Merritt, believes better overall health and well-being can be achieved when many modalities of healing are considered.

At Mine Health Clinics Lone Tree you have the opportunity to explore multiple treatment, healing, and maintenance options.

Since we have no insurance constraints, the options you choose are up to you and your physician.

Using Car Insurance For Routine Maintenance?

Imagine if we had to use our car insurance every time we got gas, had the oil changed, or had the tires replaced. We’d have a mess on our hands.

  • Costs would skyrocket
  • Gas stations and repair shops would need to hire an army of staff to process the billing
  • We would have no idea what the actual prices are until weeks or months after service
  • Your insurer would restrict you to certain gas stations and repair shops
  • You would face huge waits just for routine issues
  • And the list goes on…

This just wouldn’t make sense, but that’s effectively how our current healthcare system works.

We’re here to help fix this.


Online enrollment for individuals and families takes only 5-10 minutes. After you enroll, we will contact you by the next business day to welcome you to the practice and help you schedule your first appointment.

Enroll As An Individual Or Family

Read more about how membership could be a perfect fit for your business. We help sole proprietors and small, medium, and large businesses receive unlimited, high quality care for surprisingly low cost.

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